Our Design Process

Great Websites everytime.  After years of web building experience, we’ve developed a ‘procedural routine’ which we apply to all our web projects. This approach consistently results in robust, cost-effective and quality websites. Our method is not rocket science but rather a combination of thorough research, creativity and application of best practice that leaves little to chance. What follows is our web design and development ‘Best Practice’: 

Exploring your Objectives. This crucial pre-development step allows us to to explore your business aims, audience, competitors and requirements; this step often proves to be the difference between success and failure in any given project. We will work with you, offering advice whilst listening to your ideas, together forming a plan for a website that will meet all your business goals. 

Mapping a path to success: ‘Information Architecture’ is the way we describe the organisation of information on your website. A thorough examination of all the content to be placed online, helps to ensure the site is correctly structured, coherent and consistent. Although it sounds complex, many of the techniques used are simple, such as wireframes and site map that shows every page and how users navigate between them. Getting these fundamentals right impacts the usability of the site and ease of future development. 

So far we won’t have produced any graphics, nor written a line of code. Neither will we have decided on what technologies will be employed to meet the functional requirements of the site. This part of the project is intentionally technology agnostic. We do by now have a robust understanding of the project, a “birds eye view” which will make all subsequent decisions easier to make and based on facts. 

Site Production: Now we are free to start making mockups that begin to show off the visual style of the site. After getting client feedback, making amendments and eventually signing off, we can convert our vision into the language of the web, CSS and HTML. Depending upon the functional requirements of the site, these functions will now be built in the most appropriate technologies. Content population and fleshing out the whole site will follow. 

So, thats an overview of the critical considerations we believe to be essential to producing a successful website. 

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