“Working with Steve is painless. What could have been a complex and risky process re-building a web site, proved simple and rewarding. Steve has a great eye for visual impact, and he has enough real-world experience to advise the best path for success Goes without saying, I can recommend his expertise to you.”

Jeremy Millar (Ensofoto), Photographer, Australia

Steve Fox did an incredible job in the customization of my website. Whereas other web designers told me it couldn’t be done, Steve executed the project in a vein that far exceeded my expectations. Despite our geographic separation, Steve was always attentive and quick to respond to any questions I had. Furthermore, he invested a great amount of time and energy into my site. He is a very amicable person to work with and I would highly recommend him.” 

Samantha Heydt, Photographer, USA 

“Because of this I called Steve Fox, from borndigitalwebdesign.com, who is also one of the recommendations in this post. 

I was in a bind with integrating a WordPress site and the Photoshelter CMS with minimal down time. Steve understood the goals. He did the cross domain integration fast along with tweaking all the CSS in the Photoshelter templates. And he did all this while putting up with our time zone bouncing around from USA, Belgium, and India. 

Thats what makes a great web developer ~ talented designer, with rock solid technical skills, and extraordinary service.” 

Steven Poe, Director of IzmoCars, USA, original blog post here 

“Now, much as I would like to take the credit for the work required to get this integration up and running, I have to admit that it’s all down to the skill, expertise, patience and downright genius of Steve FoxSteve is a member of the Bangkok Photo Club, an inspiring photographer in his own right and one of the few people I know who can out-geek me without breaking his stride. Whilst the standard Graph Paper Press/Photoshelter installation is excellent and relatively straightforward, it’s probably no surprise to you that I wanted more. “I want more!”, I cried. And Steve, in his typically affable and good humoured fashion, delivered. 

If you are looking for a reliable geek with a sense of humour (something of a rarity I’d suspect) to make your site look gorgeous then Steve is definitely the guy. In all seriousness, I cannot recommend him highly enough. So, contact him online if you’re keen to make the most of this new functionality but be quick as I suspect he’ll soon be too rich and famous to bother with the likes of you and I.” 

Gavin Gough, Photographer, Bangkok, original blog post here 

“The design is based around a WordPress theme from Graph Paper Press which has been customised and integrated with my Photoshelter account. It was not a simple task and credit for this must go to the skill and expertise of Steve Fox, who has been incredibly patient throughout, despite my many demands and changes. 

Steve is a photographer in his own right and has recently moved to London from Bangkok to setup a web design business. He is an absolute genius and I cannot recommend him highly enough. So if you are looking for a professional, reliable and good-natured designer, then contact contact him online.” 

Kelvin Brown, Photographer, London, original blog post here

“Let me just say this first: thank you sooo much for your input. I appreciate it very much. Your contribution is so different to what I have experienced before with other people. Even though you get paid for it – your engagement is great.” 

Wolfgang Mezger, Photographer, Germany 

Steve Fox of Born Digital managed our web development and site maintenance very diligently and professionally. He is always responsive to client requests and has very broad expertise. It is nice to have a partner like Steve to whom you can turn for all your web development requirements knowing that the job will get done quickly and professionally. He is also a very pleasant person to work and I recommend him and his new company, Born Digital.” 

Andrew Leonard, Managing Director, ITrek Groups, Portland, Oregon, USA 

Steve is a pleasure to work with. He has been managing my website for the best part of a year and I have been very happy with his services. He is proactive in making excellent suggestions for my site, as well as thoroughly responsive to any queries I have, however large or small. Working with Steve is a pleasure and I would warmly recommend his services.” 

Jackie Rado, Photographer, Bangkok, Thailand

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