Michael Huggan Photography

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About Michael Huggan

Michael Huggan has been photographing Horses and Wildlife for over 20 years. His photography started some 20 years earlier, honing his skills with black and white processing. As interest grew in Michael’s work, he approached Born Digital to take his site to the next level.


What we did

Michael wanted us to redesign his existing site with a clean, simple and professional look.  As well as logo and site design, Michael also needed some heavy customisations to his Photoshelter account so he could present his Limited, Open and Canvas editions differently from each other and differently again from his stock photography and Shop. The new design was also integrated into his Photoshelter account to give his users a seamless experience.


What Michael said

“I was looking for a designer who understood what I wanted to do with my web site and produce the desired results.  I contacted a number of designers with a short brief and after a short review of the budget and technical competence; I decided to go with Steve Fox of Born Digital.


I have a ‘Photoshelter’ web site and wanted to add a front end in the form of a photo gallery of rolling images, plus a separate section to market my special edition pictures.  I wanted to ensure the front-end integration, which is a WordPress template, was seamless with my existing Photoshelter web site.


I am extremely pleased with the finished product and have been back to Steve on several occasions for small adjustments and further fine tuning as the site evolved.  The follow ups were instigated quickly giving me confidence in what I wanted to see was accurately produced. Communication was good and I felt I was part of the process at all times.


I am very pleased with the final result and thoroughly recommend Steve Fox for all web design and associated activities.”

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